Conflict Minerals Identification: Burton’s Process

Legislation related to Conflict Minerals and other restricted substances continues to evolve, so Burton Industries has takes a proactive approach to help customers understand potential supply chain issues. The Company’s existing tools for online component analysis and lifecycle review database are also used to help identify status of Conflict Minerals_FBP5143.

The process starts at the RFQ stage. As part of the RFQ response, the engineering team routinely provides lifecycle analysis and identification of any component issues. This response is being enhanced to also list the Conflict Minerals classification of each component as Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-free, DRC undeterminable or Unknown. If the project is won, a more detailed analysis going beyond the limitations of the database tools can be performed, but this basic analysis opens the door to further discussion of Burton Industries’ engineering support capabilities.

For existing customers, a more detailed analysis can be performed as part of manufacturing or engineering services. The database tools are used initially, but Burton Industries’ team will take the additional step of determining the status of unknown components by obtaining additional information from the manufacturer and confirmation from any Burton Industries-chosen suppliers, such as PCB providers or custom device manufacturers. Recommendations for alternate sources will also be provided.

Additionally, this information will be incorporated into Design Compliance standards during the design engineering process. The process is similar to processes currently used to determine RoHS or other compliance standards.  The goal is to cost effectively assist customer’s meeting the compliance requirements that apply to their products.



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