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Burton Industries will be exhibiting at the Design2Part Shohome14_01w at the Minneapolis Convention Center on June 10-11. Click here for a free registration. Show hours and directions can be found here.

Avoiding Surprises in Product Development

Everyone hates non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges and it may seem like a pleasant surprise when a contractor with design engineering capabilities offers a discount that eliminates some or all of these charges. If the work stays at the contractor, there may be no downside. The issue comes if the customer chooses to move to another supplier. Why? Because often the customer does not clearly understand that the discount occurs because the supplier is only licensing proprietary parts or design elements. If the project moves, the customer doesn’t own the elements that were licensed.

How can your company avoid this type of surprise? Do discounted or free support services at a contractor always have a catch? These are other questions are answered in Burton Industries’ latest article in Product Design & Development magazine. Read the full article here.